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The fractured tailbone cannot be surgically treated unless it is so severe that it needs to be surgically removed. The surgery of the coccyx is not a good thing as things can go wrong during the surgery and it can affect other vertebrae in the spinal column. The better option is to take the pain relieving cortisone treatment or the painkillers that will help you be free from pain for a couple of months.

Visiting a massage therapist who is a specialist in the treatment of the coccyx disorders can be helpful. The challenge lies in the fact that there are not very many folks who are expert in giving the massage at the coccyx area. Massage in the wrong position can even worsen the pain.

The other reason for the coccyx pain is the childhood defect in the tailbone. This type of defect cannot be treated and the pain at best can be avoided. The best option for this is to use the seat cushions. These seat cushions are designed so as to make sure that the tailbone is not in direct contact with the chair on which you sit or the car seat on which sit and drive.

There are several types of seat cushions available in the market. These seat cushions come in a click here variety of styles and designs. Some are gel filled and some have the memory foam in them. You need to select the one which will help you alleviate the pain. Again, remember this is just prevention and you just cannot eliminate the pain.

In some cases the dislocation can happen because of the fall even though there is no fracture. Expert orthopedic surgeons can easily put back the dislocated tailbone in place. The challenge is to find a doctor who is an expert in all this. You get into the wrong hands and the chances are that you will end up having much more pain than earlier.

Women are hard to please we all know that, but in bed they are near impossible please. Especially when trying to give them an orgasm when you lick their vagina. If you have stubble they say stop it your hurting me, if your to rough they tense up and if you don't get it just right they just get bored.

So giving a woman an orgasm when you lick her vagina is not as easy as it sounds. I searched the net for some tips but found nothing, I was to ashamed to ask friends so against my better judgment I bought a book called LickByLick. First thing I noticed was how well written it was and quite long too, the first 20 or 30 pages are a bit boring dealing with subjects like being clean and setting the mood.

Then it gets interesting for example did you know the clitoris has 7, 000 nerve endings, or that a woman rarely has an orgasm if she is not totally relaxed. So after reading it was time to put it to work, first I had some flowers sent to her while she was at work then I got my mum to have the kids so I could cook a nice meal which I served by candle light.

So far so good she was loving it, then I ran her a bath and washed her and dried her, next step the bedroom and time to see if my hard work would pay off. An all over body massage was next and by now she was totally relaxed and loving my every touch, I remembered what I had read and lets just say I am no longer scared of going down there in fact she begs me to.